Libby & I are off to see what Ruth’s up to in Cardiff

Train tickets booked for the ‘All in this Together 2: towards a Welsh co-production model for public service delivery’ on 4th April, 2.00-5.00, Cardiff City Hall.

Looking forward to sharing journey with Libby, listening to the great line up of speakers and getting involved in discussions:  

  • to define a Welsh vision of co-production that builds on our traditions of mutualism and cooperation
  • to make this Welsh model of co-production the primary method of service commissioning and delivery in Wales
  • and, in the process, to revitalise communities, empower individuals, and make the world a better place.
a great plan, Ruth, and very timely just one month before North Wales conference with Edgar Cahn. 

Open for registration

COMMUNITIES CAN 2012 Conference

2 May, 10am – 4pm, Parc Eirias Centre, Colwyn Bay

Keynote Speaker: Dr Edgar Cahn

This innovative and participatory conference aims to explore the capacity of coaching and co-production to empower communities and increase well-being. 

Co-production is a values-based and highly effective approach to public service delivery which increases citizen engagement and has dramatic effects on the well-being of all participants. Its founding father is Dr Edgar Cahn, our internationally renowned keynote speaker. The conference chair is Dr Neil Wooding, Director of Public Service Management in Wales: together we will explore the potential of co-production and coaching to revitalize our communities.

Who is the Conference for?

Community workers, leaders, activists

Community professionals

Community organisations

Volunteer, third-sector, and social enterprise organisations and participants

Public service and community health commissioners, managers, co-ordinators and staff

Service users, their families and communities

Professionals, consultants and mentors working in the area of coaching and/or training

And everyone interested in empowering, revitalizing and energizing their communities through participatory and collaborative means.

Ticketing details

Register via:

Lunch and refreshments will be provided free to all delegates.

General information

Car parking is free.

The full programme will be posted shortly on this blog.

Co-production. Walking in the shoes of …

I was delighted when Pam Luckock invited me to take part and am really looking forward to this innovative event. Not sure exactly what I’ll be doing yet but I think that is the exciting part of a co-produced event! It is all evolving as people talk together and compare ideas and possibilities.

I’d like to pursue my “Whose Shoes?” concept by looking at how coaching and co-production looks and feels from different perspectives. What are individuals learning from the day and what are they planning to do next, do differently?

In the shoes of… members of the local community, service providers, volunteers, event organisers, front-line staff, managers and leaders… government… Edgar Cahn??

Perhaps some “vox pop” style video interviews, co-produced with a local group?

Whatever we do, I’m sure it will help build a fascinating and thoughtful record of the day.

Ideas and possibilities…  What do you think?