Joining instructions and final programme available here….

Only five days until we welcome everyone to join the big conversation with our guest speakers, Dr Edgar Cahn, Dr Chris Gray and Dr Neil Wooding.

The attached information sheet will help you make your travel arrangements to the venue, it gives directions, links to maps and transport services, car parking at venue plus details about registration on the day.

If you have any specific access requirements that you have not yet told us about, please complete the attached access form and return immediately. If we have forgotten anything please make a request at:

A copy of the final programme is attached for information and we look forward to welcoming you to the conference on Wednesday 2 May 2012.

programme- Welsh

programme – English

registration information

Access Requirements Form


Hot off the press interview with Edgar Cahn

Just received a tweet from Frankie Hine-Hughes from Governance International (@fhinehughes) about hot off the press interview with Edgar Cahn. This will definitely generate some buzz around the event, thanks Frankie!

Edgar concludes the interview “What I see re-emerging is the ability to dream, to believe that one can make a difference that one can set in motion forces that can transform. TimeBanking helps to rekindle that belief – and that is more important than hours logged or even, good deeds done.

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the working group

Let me introduce you to the hard working members of the conference working group

Amy Kordiak (Chwarae Teg) Mike Williams (Wales Co-operative Centre), Libby Evans, (Welsh Government),  David Neal,  (Acces3ability), Fran O’Hara (Scarlet Design), Lindsay Haveland (Community Transport Association), Ruth Dineen, Andrea Hughes &  Coaching Well – Ambra Burls, Marina Kogan and Pam Luckock

All in this Together 2: Nick comes to Wales

All in this Together 2: Nick comes to Wales.

Libby and I had a great afternoon in Cardiff last Wednesday with the South Wales Co-production network. Lovely to finally meet up with Ruth & Ben, see old friends and colleagues and meet lots of new people too.

We were very impressed with the ability of SPICE to pack so much information sharing and action planning into one afternoon!  Thanks to Nick Dixon, Becky Booth, Geoff Thomas and Rick Wilson for excellent presentations and food for though. We look forward to seeing the report of the day and sharing with the North Wales co-production network – aka: Patchwork Circles

Keep up the great work Ruth 🙂