In the shoes of … Alison Cameron | Patient leader & active citizen – Part 2

Prepare to be inspired by ‘hellraiser’ Alison:-)

Whose Shoes? A catalyst for change in health and social care

On Monday, I posted Part 1 of Alison Cameron’s astonishing story.
It has been a ‘best seller’ …… I will post part 2 here, but then will re-visit shortly as these powerful blogposts have raised a LOT of issues about the current state of health, social care and HOUSING (yes, housing – that Cinderella-not-quite-part of-the-integrated-family service)… 


I started in small ways after having the seed of hope planted by hearing the inspirational Doctor Rachel Perkins speak. I had tottered into a meeting run by the mental health charity Mind in early days after release from the first long term admission to the ward. I assumed my useful life was over. My only interaction virtually for…

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