This is the first co-production and coaching conference to be held in Wales. The Coaching Network brings this very exiting event to North Wales.

Professor Edgar Cahn, the Founder of TimeBanks USA, will be on stage for a big conversation with Dr Neil Wooding, Director, PSMW, about coaching for well-being, time-banking and co-production in the context of regeneration and sustainability of communities in Wales.

Conference Working Group: 

Inspiration for the conference came from a conversation with Edgar Cahn and Chris Gray (CEO, TimeBanks USA). The preparation and planning of the conference has been led by four members of the Coaching Network, three of whom are co-directors of a newly established social enterprise “Coaching Well”; Ambra Burls, Marina Kogan and Pam Luckock plus Dee Gray.

The conference conversational approach is intended to enable the audience to explore possibilities and generate new ways of thinking about some of the major challenges facing communities. The conference working group are developing a programme that will enable people attending to leave with a commitment to both a personal and a collaborative plan of action.

From the earliest stage a collaborative approach was adopted and with the following partners agreeing to contribute to the conference working group; Wales Coperative Centre, Chwarae Teg, Patchwork Circles and representatives from the Welsh Government, Community Transport Association Wales, Scarlet Design.

We are also grateful for the support offered throughout by SPICE, NESTA- Wales Co-production Network, TimeBanking Wales, TimeBank UK and TimeBanks USA.

Coaching Well:

Our Purpose: To be a successful coaching, mentoring and supervision social business, that works primarily for social benefit and brings together a unique combination of skills, expertise and synthesis of knowledge.

Our Mission:

  • to work collaboratively, exploring new ways of working with other agencies in partnership.
  • To utilise our bank of unique skills to enable the wider community to achieve well-being, resilience and improve performance in all walks of life.
  • To improve access to coaching and mentoring by adopting principles of time banking and co-production


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  1. Hi guys.
    Just Danielle here from Wellbeing Wales. We met at the SPICE conference in Cardiff the other week. I was just wondering if you would like this event to be included in our newsletter this month? If you want to discuss it further then please e-mail me at admin@wellbeingwales.org
    Look forward to hearing from you

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