Communities Can… they REALLY can!

Well, it certainly lived up to expectations. Congratulations to Pam and all the team who pulled this amazing event together! We all felt very honoured to have Dr Edgar Cahn and Dr Chris Gray as key-note speakers. By the afternoon, the World Cafe was buzzing with discussions and ideas about how to take forward the great work around time-banking and co-production that is already happening in Wales.

Now the challenge is to pull together all the great material gathered on the day. As a starter, here are some of the photos we took. I have posted them on my new Nutshell / Whose Shoes? Facebook page. {Please “like” the page and the photos, if you’re into FB!}

I have also just posted a blogpost with some reflections on Communities Can 2012 … and more!


Co-production. Walking in the shoes of …

I was delighted when Pam Luckock invited me to take part and am really looking forward to this innovative event. Not sure exactly what I’ll be doing yet but I think that is the exciting part of a co-produced event! It is all evolving as people talk together and compare ideas and possibilities.

I’d like to pursue my “Whose Shoes?” concept by looking at how coaching and co-production looks and feels from different perspectives. What are individuals learning from the day and what are they planning to do next, do differently?

In the shoes of… members of the local community, service providers, volunteers, event organisers, front-line staff, managers and leaders… government… Edgar Cahn??

Perhaps some “vox pop” style video interviews, co-produced with a local group?

Whatever we do, I’m sure it will help build a fascinating and thoughtful record of the day.

Ideas and possibilities…  What do you think?